Slough Mass Rapid Transit Phase 2 (SMaRT P2)

Map of Langley showing areas proposed for improvements - details are below.

The consultation has now ended.

This consultation ended on Friday 1 February. We will now compile and summarise the feedback.

The scheme has a number of positive aims as detailed below, but we acknowledge the changes will have an impact on the road network, and there will be some disruption during the works. Therefore, we gave the local people the opportunity to say how you feel about it through an online survey, through email or by writing to us.

The Scheme

In 2017, the council completed phase 1 of the Slough Mass Rapid Transit scheme from Dover Road to High Street Langley to deliver a more frequent, quicker and more reliable bus service for bus commuters travelling along the A4 Bath Road. We are now extending the scheme as part of phase 2 from High Street Langley to the eastern borough boundary and Heathrow including park & ride. The scheme will encourage use of sustainable transport for commuters travelling between Slough Trading Estate, Slough Train Station, Langley and Heathrow airport. The works aim to improve journey times, reduce congestion, enhance transport interchanges and support regeneration in Slough.

The following works are proposed under phase 2

High Street Langley and A4 London Road junction to the M4 junction 5 roundabout

  • Public realm enhancements on the northern frontage of the A4 between Langley High Street and the M4 Junction 5 roundabout (the Langley Interchange) are being proposed to enhance the ‘gateway’ to Slough.
  • Bus stop improvements.
  • Localised changes to signs and lines on approaches.
  • Widen the south east quadrant of the M4 Junction 5 roundabout from 3 to 4 lanes with modifications to the slip road for eastbound traffic.
  • Create a second lane on London Road on the westbound approach to the M4 junction 5 roundabout including improvements to facilitate the SMaRT scheme.

Sutton Lane and A4 London Road junction

  • Re-design the London Road/Sutton Lane/Colnbrook Bypass gyratory to increase the traffic flow capacity. Pedestrian and cycle crossings on London Road will be improved and bus stop waiting areas upgraded to provide for bus users to and from the residential, commercial and hotel properties.
  • To the east of Colnbrook Bypass, carriageway realignment, safety works and enhance bus stops at Lakeside Road, including provision of shelters.
  • Introduce a new Park and Ride facility including cycle hub facility in order to reduce congestion into the town centre.
  • Junction improvement works for access and egress into the proposed Park and Ride facility. In order to provide access for cars, buses and bicycles. This will potentially include the diversion of public right of way route no. 8.
  • Upgrade the existing National Cycle Network route 61 (NCN 61) to make it a more attractive option for cyclists commuting to and from Heathrow.
  • New traffic signals including installation of MOVA (smart controlled signals at the junctions) and junction improvement works on the Sutton Lane gyratory.
  • Extension of the existing eastbound bus lane from High street Langley towards Heathrow.
  • Localised changes to signs and lines on approaches.

We are keen to hear your suggestions on how to make the road network safer and easier to get around by foot, bicycle and car.