Conservation areas & listed buildings

Planning policy to protect the historic environment is set out in The Core Strategy (2008) and Saved Local Plan (2004). The Core Strategy contains an overarching policy relating to the preservation and enhancement of natural and built environment (Core Policy 9), and Saved Local Plan Policy EN17 relates to Locally Listed Buildings.

The Core Strategy and Local Plan are also available in Slough libraries, at MyCouncil and at the Planning reception at St Martins Place, by appointment, please contact us.

Listed buildings

You can find out details of listed buildings in Slough and across England from the National Heritage List for Buildings section on the Heritage Gateway website.

The Local Plan for Slough contains a list of Listed Buildings in Slough in Appendix 5, although 2 more monuments were added to this list in 2010. To find out more contact us.

English Heritage's numbering system

The National Heritage List for England gives information on all national designated assets. Each entry on the list has been given a unique reference number (list entry number). The entry will state any previous reference numbers associated with the heritage asset (or the Unique Identification Number - UID). You can still use the previous reference number to search the list.

Locally Listed Buildings

Saved Local Plan Policy EN17 relates to Locally Listed Buildings, and the Local Plan for Slough contains a list of locally listed buildings in Appendix 6.


Curtilage defines the land that surrounds a house or dwelling. Whether a structure falls within the curtilage of a listed building may require advice from Slough Borough Council ahead of any planning application or acquisition. Structures covered by curtilage might include:

  • walls
  • gates
  • railings
  • gatehouses
  • stables
  • statues etc.

To demolish, alter or move any such structure, you will need to apply for listed building consent from Slough Borough Council.

Maps and national grid references do not form part of the official record of a listed building if the building's entry on the Heritage Gateway site pre-dates 4 April 2011. In such cases the map and the national grid reference are generated from the list entry in the official record and added later to help identify the principal listed building or buildings. Most of Slough’s listed buildings fall into this category.

For all list entries made on or after 4 April 2011, the map and national grid reference do form part of the official record. The map and the national grid reference are to help identify the principal listed building or buildings only and must be read in conjunction with other information in the record. Any object or structure fixed to the principal building or buildings and any object or structure within the curtilage of the building, which, although not fixed to the building, forms part of the land and has done so since before 1 July 1948 is by law to be treated as part of the listed building.

Conservation areas

The Local Plan for Slough identifies 5 conservation areas in Slough in appendix 4. The conservation areas are:

  • Colnbrook
  • St. Bernard's School
  • St. Mary's Church (Langley)
  • Sussex Place/Clifton Road
  • Upton Park/Upton Village Conservation Area

Statements on the following Conservation Areas are below:

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