The emerging Local Plan for Slough 2016-2036

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Review of the Local Plan

The Council's new Local Plan will set out how to guide development in the borough to 2036. The plan will contain policies to support high quality development in appropriate locations that continues to meet the needs of its growing business and residential communities up to 2036. Some of the biggest challenges are how to build all the new homes our residents need, how to continue to provide for locally and nationally important businesses, how to make the most of Heathrow on our doorstep and how to tackle congestion (primarily from private car use).

Emerging Preferred Spatial Strategy 

The emerging Spatial Strategy is an important step in the Review of the Local Plan. It can be summarised as one of:

Delivering major comprehensive redevelopment within the “Centre of Slough”;
Selecting other key locations for appropriate development;
Protecting the built and natural environment of Slough including the suburbs;
Accommodating the proposed third runway at Heathrow and mitigating its impact;
Promoting the northern expansion of Slough in the form of a “Garden Suburb”;

Progress on the strategy is presented at Planning Committee. The reports are here for convenience. The amendments and minutes can be found from the Council's Committee information online

Supporting information:

  • Local Development Scheme (LDS) - (December 2016) sets out the timetable for the production of the Slough Local Plan - it will be updated where necessary. 
  • Draft Statement of Community Involvement - (January 2017) sets out the process for consulting on the emerging Local Plan - it will be updated where necessary
  • Local Plan 2016-2036 Evidence - details of Committee Reports, Evidence Documents and the Plan Process: a summary of the findings and process to date.
  • Current Local Plan - the current Local Plan Documents and Proposals Map.
  • An interim Sustainability Appraisal (SA) has been carried out to assess the extent to which the emerging Spatial Strategy will help to achieve a set of environmental, economic and social objectives.
  • Public Transport Accessibility Level (PTAL) report “PTAL” is a well-known method used by Transport for London and boroughs across London to help plan housing densities and parking provision (TFL, 2015). This report adapts and applies the method to Slough to identify the relative accessibility of areas within the borough to public transport. It was part of the evidence for the Emerging Spatial Strategy put to Planning Committee in February 2018

For more information, or to be added to the Local Plan database to receive updates on the Local Plan please email your contact details to

Summary of the Statutory Process 

Slough’s Local Plan partly depends on factors outside of the Council’s control such as proposals for expansion at Heathrow (part of the third runway would be within the east of the Borough). This will not affect the ability of the Council to continue to deliver housing, employment and other regeneration schemes in the short term.

Below is a short summary of the consultations to date. More detailed information including summary of the updates presented to Planning Committee are available from the 'Local Plan 2016-2036 Evidence' link above.

Consultation on the Issues and Options (Regulation 18) 16 January to 27 February 2017

This Consultation is now closed, the details below are provided for information. The Council received about 700 responses, the planning elements of which will be used to inform the emerging Plan. A summary report on the responses to the consultation was put to Planning Committee in July 2017 (Item 28). That is available online from the Council's Committee pages.

The Issues and Options Consultation met the statutory requirements for a 'Regulation 18' consultation required by the Government as part of the process of producing a new local plan. Paper copies of the main documents, a Summary leaflet and Summary Magazine were available at The Curve, Landmark Place and local libraries, or on request. We also opened a facebook page, promoted the consultation on Twitter and Streetlife, held a public consultation at The Curve (13/02/17 at 7pm) and presented at a number of other public and Duty to Cooperate meetings.

The following were published alongside the consultation for information and comment:

Consultation on Call for Sites and other potential Local Plan sites - 3 June to 15 July 2016

This consultation has now closed, the details are provided below for information. Around 130 proposals were received as part of the ‘Call for Sites’ exercise for various uses such as housing, employment, retail, community and green space.  The sites submitted were used to inform the Issues and Options consultation, and will continue to be used in the preparation of the Local Plan.

Please note that no policy assessment was undertaken so inclusion in the document does not mean it is endorsed by the council or has any planning status.

Call for sites - 8 January to 4 March 2016

A 'Call for sites' was held from 8 January to 4 March 2016. That requested that people tell the Planning team about sites in Slough that might be available for development (or protection) over the lifetime of the emerging plan. That resulted in 130 potential sites coming forward for further investigation. These were published for comment in Summer 2016 for public views on how they could help the council plan to meet development needs. They also informed the Issues and Options Consultation.

Notification of intention to review the Plan - 4 December 2015 to 15 January 2016

Notification of the start of the Plan review process was given in a Regulation 18 consultation held from 4 December 2015 to 15 January 2016. That requested views on the strategic issues the plan will cover, and in particular the intention to have a light touch approach to Minerals and Waste policies, and housing provision for Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople. The planning definition for traveller was amended in November 2015 to limit it to those who have a nomadic habit of life.

Evidence about housing and employment need - 2016

Employment : The council has produced an Economic Development Needs Assessment that identifies what land the borough needs to support projected employment growth in Slough over the plan period. This was the second part of a two part study. The first, the Functional Economic Market Assessment (FEMA) identified Slough's economy has its strongest geographic links with The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, South Bucks and London Heathrow. Slough jointly commissioned the research with the other Berkshire Authorities and the Local Economic Partnership (LEP). The findings of both studies have been accepted as part of the evidence base supporting the evolution of the Local Plan. They are available to download below:

Housing: Slough's housing market has strongest geographical links with The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and South Bucks, and there is a potential demand for 927 new homes a year in Slough. There are strong links with London too, primarily because of Heathrow Airport. Slough jointly commissioned the research (known as the SHMA) with the other Berkshire Authorities and the Berkshire Local Economic Partnership (LEP).

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