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The Emerging Local Plan for Slough 2016-2036

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The emerging Local Plan for Slough

The Council's new Local Plan will set out how to guide development in Slough through to 2036. The plan will contain policies to guide business and residential development to meet the needs of Slough’s expanding population.

The new Local Plan will update the existing Core Strategy, Site Allocations, and Local Plan Saved Policies.
The emerging Local Plan aims to address some of the key challenges facing Slough. In particular:

  • Meeting the new for new homes
  • Continuing to provide for locally and nationally important businesses
  • How to make the most of the Heathrow Expansion
  • How to tackle congestion on Slough’s roads.

If you would like to be informed of progress on the Local Plan, please email your contact details to

Local Development Scheme (LDS)

The Local Development Scheme (April 2019) sets out the timetable for the production of the Slough Local Plan - it will be updated where necessary.

Key Milestones

When drafting a new Local Plan, the council has to follow a set procedure created by national government. Creating a new Local Plan Document includes several stages of work, evidence collection, and consultations. The key milestones are:

Please note that some of the timescales for the later stages have yet to be finalised. This is due to the uncertainty surrounding the proposed third runway at Heathrow Airport; work underway on accommodating housing in the sub-region and Council plans for the regeneration of the town centre. This will not affect the ability of the Council to continue to deliver housing, employment and other regeneration schemes in the short term.

More information is available below. Progress on the Local Plan is presented to the Planning Committee (Cabinet is the decision making body):

You can read more about the statutory process of creating a new Local Plan in Slough here:

The Emerging Preferred Spatial Strategy

The Planning Policy Team are currently working on the Emerging Preferred Spatial Strategy for Slough. This is an important step in the creation of a new Local Plan.
The emerging preferred spatial strategy for Slough includes:

  • Delivering major redevelopment within the ‘Centre of Slough’ (See Centre of Slough framework )
  • Selecting other key locations for appropriate development.
  • Protecting the built and natural environment of Slough, including the suburbs
  • Accommodating the proposed third runway at Heathrow and mitigating its impact (See Accommodating growth at Heathrow- proposals for Colnbrook and Poyle)
  • Promoting the northern expansion of Slough in the form of a ‘Garden Suburb (See Atkins- Slough Northern Extension Report and the Wider Growth Study)

Wide Area Growth Study

As a result of Duty to Co-operate work and a successful bid to the MHCLG Joint Working Fund, the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead (RBWM), in conjunction with Slough Borough Council (SBC), South Bucks District Council (SBDC) and Chiltern District Council (CDC), is commissioning a joint study to address issues arising from growth that is anticipated across the area, and potentially, more widely.

The Wider Area Growth Study will be comprised of 2 parts. The first part relates to an exploration of the functional geographies applying across the area.

Part 1 of the study defined an area of search for future housing needs for Slough and RBWM. 

Part 2 – Spatial options for accommodating future development needs of the Slough/Maidenhead and Windsor urban area.The Part 2 work will identify potential strategic spatial options for accommodating future growth arising from this area, test these options and make recommendations for consideration in relevant Local Plans and for use in Duty to Co-operate discussions. The work commenced in May 2020 and is expected to be completed in late 2020. View a copy of the project timetable  and proposal for the work below.

Key Documents

Housing Delivery Action Plan

The Housing Delivery Action Plan has been prepared by the Council to reflect challenges and identify actions to address the under delivery of housing.

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