Private hire vehicle licence

Application requirements

The application requirements and the specifications for private hire vehicles can be found here. Please contact the Licensing Team for full details of our vehicle policy. 

The vehicle application requirements are:

  • completed application form
  • the vehicle must be less than 5 years old (from the date of registration) at the time of licensing
  • the vehicle can carry a maximum of 8 passengers
  • a valid certificate of motor insurance for hire and reward
  • a valid certificate of compliance (MOT) must be obtained from one of our designated garages
  • the vehicle cannot be licensed by another licensing authority
  • the vehicle must comply with Slough Borough Council's policy on tinted windows 

Any vehicle can be considered for licensing, subject to SBC's current policies. Licensing Officers will have a discretion to refuse applications if they feel the vehicle is unsuitable and/or unsafe.  Officers will also determine how many adult passengers the vehicle can safely and comfortably carry. 

Please contact the Licensing team for advice on licensing limousines or novelty type vehicles.

Certificate of Compliance - designated garages

PM Autos
148 Edinburgh Avenue
Tel:01753 533007

Thames Valley Garage
George House
2a Bower Way
Tel: 01628 666100

If you would like to apply for a private hire vehicle licence then please contact our Licensing team to make an appointment to submit your application or email if you have any further queries.

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